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Adult Sports Procedures

Adult Sports Procedures (as of March 2019)

Registration: Full payment must be received before the program deadline in order to reserve a spot in a league. Teams will only be taken after the deadline if it aids the program coordinator in scheduling. Example: an odd number of teams to an even number.

League Refunds: If a program does not get at least 4 registered teams the league will not go. Full refunds will be distributed to those teams that have paid. If 4 teams are registered the program will run.

Player Eligibility: Players must sign and complete their team roster before participating in the program. All players must be at least 18 years of age. If you are still in high school and participating in a sports program, please check with your athletic director to make sure there are no potential eligibility issues. Minors are not allowed to participate in Adult Sports. Adult Sports participants cannot be on two teams within the same league.

Team Rosters: There will be a drop-dead date as to which no more names can be added to a roster. At this point the roster becomes frozen and no players can be added or removed. It will be approximately 60% through the regular season and will be printed on the schedules. Furthermore, all adult team rosters will have a limited number of players per specific sport. All legal players then on the roster will be eligible to participate in the post-season. All team rosters, waivers and drop forms will be kept in the on-site notebook.

Legal Players: A player is not legal until they have signed and completed the roster and played in at least one game. A printed name on the roster is not legal until it has been signed, but it does count towards the roster limit.

Adding Players to the Team Roster: If a team has not reached their roster limit before the roster deadline, they can add players by simply having them sign and complete the roster before participating. If a team has reached their limit of players, they cannot add a player until a player has dropped using the drop form.

Removing Players from the Team Roster: Once a player has signed the roster they are a legal player and must sign the drop form in order to not be counted towards a team’s roster limit. The team manager can remove unsigned players from the roster to add players before the roster deadline.

Game Challenges: A game may not be challenged after it has been completed. If at anytime during the course of a game a team wants to challenge the opposing teams roster they may do so. They can challenge roster limits, legal players or player eligibility. What is in the on-site notebook is official. A team playing with an illegal roster will forfeit the game.

Forfeit Penalty: Teams that forfeit without a 24-hour notice to the Program Coordinator will be penalized a fee of $25. The penalty must be submitted to the Recreation District Office or employee before the team is allowed to participate in the next scheduled game. A game forfeited due to a challenge does not constitute a penalty.

Awards: The first-place team will receive T-shirts for every player listed on their roster and a 1st place plaque. The post-season playoffs or tournament will determine the winners in each league. If there is not a playoff or tournament, the league winners will be based on the regular season.

Tie Breakers: Most ties will be decided to determine seeds for post-season play. Tiebreakers will follow the steps listed below when applicable and in order.

  • Head to Head: record of the teams in question vs each other
  • Division Record: record vs teams within their division
  • Games vs better teams: record vs teams above the teams in question
  • Point System: three points will be given for every win and 1 point for every tie
  • Total Scoring Against: total number of points scored against for the entire season will be considered. In case of forfeits, the average points scored from the games played will be figured in.
  • Total Scoring For: total number of points scored for the entire season will be considered. In case of forfeits, the average points scored from the games played will be figured in.
  • Coin Toss: a coin flip will be used as a last resort