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Introduction to Fly Fishing Class

 Introduction to Fly Fishing is instructed by Royal Gorge Anglers

If you’ve always wanted to learn to fly fish, then Introduction to Fly Fishing is the class for you. In this 90-minute class, you will learn the answers to these questions:

  • What is fly fishing and how is it different from other approaches to fishing?
  • What is entomology (bug stuff) and why is it important to know?
  • What are the basic equipment needs to get started in fly fishing?
  • Which knots are important to know for fly fishing?
  • How are fly rods “rigged” and why?
  • What is unique about casting a fly rod – and why is it so beautiful?
  • How do I perform a basic fly cast? (Yes, you’ll learn a basic overhead cast hands on)

You may bring your own fly rod, or we will have rods there during the casting session. There will be no wading- no wading gear is necessary.

Registration                      Ends July 10, 2024

Date:                                    Sunday, July 14th  (Click on date to register)

Time:                                     2:00 p.m.

Ages:                                     10 years old and older

Location:                              CCRD Community Room located at 575 Ash Street

Cost:                                      $35.00 In-District       $50 Out of District

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