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Introducing Padded Flag Football League

chlldren playing flag football

In 2019, USA Football created variations on how youth football looks. They wanted to create a better "bridge" between flag and tackle. This limited contact style of play, gets players in the equipment (helmets and shoulder pads) while not exposing them to full contact. The benefit of this league is players learn a variety of fundamentals before jumping into full contact tackle.

This league focuses on proper blocking, defeating blocks and pursuing the ball while wearing a helmet and shoulder pads. Instead of tackling the ball carrier, defenders will pull flags as in traditional flag leagues. Also, the ball carrier will not be allowed to flag guard, lower shoulder into defenders or stiff arm.

This League is for 8-9 year olds. The main focus of this transition is to implement safety and teach kids proper blocking, defeating the block and pursuing the ball without full contact. We reached out to coaches, athletic directors and USA Football staff and all were very supportive of this decision. 

Linked below you will find additional resources to USA Football rules, our local modifications and information from their website. 

Local Modifications

Additional Info