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Participant Code of Conduct



Coach or Manager – A person who is designated as team spokesman. It can be a player or non-player.

Player – A person who actively participates in the game whether they are playing or sitting on the bench and who is on the roster.

Spectator – A person who comes out to watch games or activities without any physical involvement.

Official – People on the field to administer the official rules.

Participant - Any Coach, Player, Spectator, Official (as defined above) or Recreation District employee.

Participation - Any involvement in the Canon City Recreation District’s activities such as spectating, officiating, playing, coaching, registering for classes or attending nonsporting events.

Contest Area – Field of play, Recreation District facility or School District facility.

Recreation Activity – Any class or event sponsored by the Canon City Recreation District.

Program Supervisor – The Canon City Recreation District employee designated to supervise on-site at the program facility.

One- Minute Clause – One minute shall be allowed for a suspended player to remove themselves from the designed contest area. If this time limit is not met the contest shall be forfeited to the opponents.

Conduct Committee - Executive Director, Program Coordinator(s), and On-Site Supervisor.


1. NO PARTICIPANT SHALL: At any time lay a hand upon, shove, strike or threaten an official, coach, scorekeeper, player, spectator or supervisor. Officials are required to suspend players immediately from further play and report such players to the Program Supervisor. Such players shall remain suspended until the Conduct Committee has considered their case.

2. NO PARTICIPANT SHALL: Enter the area of activity in a contest area to participate in an altercation.

3. NO PARTICIPANT SHALL: Refuse to abide by official’s decision. Officials may suspend a participant immediately from further play and must report such participant to the Program Supervisor.

4. NO PARTICIPANT SHALL: Display or use obscene gestures or objectionable demonstrations of dissent at official’s or supervisor’s decision.

5. NO PARTICIPANT SHALL: Use unnecessary rough tactics in the play of the game against the body and person of an opposing player. Officials may suspend participants immediately from further play and report such participant to the Program Supervisor. The participant shall remain suspended until the Conduct Committee has considered their case.

6. NO PARTICIPANT SHALL: Use abusive verbal language upon any player, official, spectator or supervisor. Officials may suspend the participant immediately from further play and must report such player to the Program Supervisor. Such participant shall remain suspended until the Conduct Committee has considered their case.

7. NO PARTICIPANT SHALL: Appear on the contest area under the influence of alcohol or drugs in such a manner as to not have control of their faculties to the extent that they are inclined to hurt themselves or others. Absolutely no behavior associated with alcohol or drugs will be tolerated at youth events.

8. NO PARTICIPANT SHALL: Smoke or chew tobacco while coming off or going on to any contest area.

9. NO PARTICIPANT SHALL: Consume or possess alcohol beverages while the player or their team is participating in the game.


MINIMUM PENALTY: Warning by Official or Supervisor.

MAXIMUM PENALTY: Suspension from all recreation action activities for life. Case is subject to review once a year, on participants request.

NOTE: Minimum and maximum penalties are to the extreme – penalties may also be assessed anywhere in between. Individual programs and/or events may have their own rules and penalties.

THE NUISANCE CLAUSE: Participants who, in the opinion of the official or Program Supervisor, are detrimental to the purpose of a game will be asked to leave the contest area. Grounds for such action include, but are not limited to; obscene gestures or profanity, inciting opposing players to fight, alcohol in the stand and extreme verbal abuse of Recreation District Staff or any other behaviors not listed in the above provisions will be deemed a NUISANCE. If a connection can be established between the NUISANCE and one of the teams in the game, that team will be held responsible for the NUISANCE’s actions and may be forced to forfeit the contest.


1. Any participant being placed on probation for the remainder of the season and reported again for violation of the “Code of Conduct” will be suspended for the remainder of the season.

2. Any participant removed from a game must leave the contest area immediately with the understanding the one-minute clause is in effect. If the player does not remove himself from the contest area, the proper authorities will be called. Failure to leave will carry a maximum penalty of suspension for the remainder of the season.

3. All suspensions and disciplinary actions are subject to review by the Conduct Committee of the District. Incidents of blatant misconduct and perpetual violation of the “Code of Conduct” may lead to a maximum penalty from the Recreation District. The Conduct Committee’s decision is final.

4. Any participant may appeal the decision of the Conduct Committee to the Board of Directors. The appeal must be submitted in written form, setting forth all of the pertinent details, not less than 10 calendar days prior to the regularly scheduled monthly board meeting. The board will review the appeal at the meeting. The appeal of the Conduct Committee’s decision must be submitted no later than 30 days after the committee’s decision.

5. Reminder: All School District Property is in a Drug-free zone. No alcohol or drugs are allowed at any time on this property. This includes the parking lots.