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Adult Sand Volleyball Rules

Players & Equipment

1. Each team shall consist of 6 players on the court at a time (3 males, 3 females)

          a)      Teams may play with five players - 3 females & 2 males or 3 males & 2 females.

          b)      Teams may play with four players - 2 of each gender.

          *When a team is playing with less than 5 players, three players will be considered front row.

2. Shoes: individuals may choose to wear shoes. 

3. Jewelry: All jewelry must be removed.

4. Game Ball: The Recreation District will provide the game ball. The game can be played with a different ball as long as the two teams agree to the switch.


Game Format 

1. Each match will consist of best out of 3 games to 25. Teams must win by two points except for tie breaking game, win by one point.  All games will be played with rally scoring. 

2. Forfeits: A team that is not ready to play when their game is scheduled to start will give one point per minute to the other team. If the team does not show up within 15 minutes of their scheduled game time, they will forfeit the match. A forfeit will be registered as a victory for the opposing team (25-0, 25-0, 25-0).

          * Teams that forfeit without prior notice to the program director will be penalized a $25.00 forfeit fee. Teams must pay the fee before they will be allowed to play another game.

3. Time outs: Each team will have one – 30 sec. time outs per game. Time outs do not carry over.

4. Coin Toss: before the game starts the managers from each team will meet with the supervisor for the coin toss. The team that wins the coin toss will have the option of serving or choosing which side of the court for the first game.

5. Games will be self-officiated.

6. Time Limit: There is a 55-minute time limit for matches. 

          -If a game is in the second match when the hour is up, then the teams will be allowed to finish that game. If the winner of the second game won the first game, then the match is over. If the match is tied 1-1 after the second game, then the game will end in a tie.

          -If the teams are in the third game when the hour is up, then the teams will be allowed to finish the 3rd game to decide the winner of the game.

7. Standings: The standings will be based on matches. The following procedures will be used for tie-breakers:

          1.      Win – Loss Record

          2.      Head-to-Head

          3.      Record vs. Teams Above Them

          4.      Total Points

          5.      Coin Toss

          *Standings will be posted on our website


Positions of Players

1. A team must rotate clockwise following a side-out resulting in that team regaining the serve. 

2. Substitutions: substitutions will occur during dead ball situations. There are unlimited substitutions, but when re-entering the game the player must maintain the original serving order.

3. Server: The server shall serve from within the serving area and shall not touch the lines bounding this area. Jump serves are allowed.

4. Position of Players at Service: At the time the ball is contacted for the serve, all players (except for the server) shall be within the team’s playing area and may be in contact with the boundary lines but may not have any part of the body touching the sand outside those lines.

5. Serving out of turn will result in loss of serve and the other team will receive a point.


Playing the Ball

1. Serve: The server will have 5 seconds to begin serving the ball. If after the server releases the ball for service, the server catches or lets the ball drop to the ground without hitting the ball, then the server will be allowed to serve the ball again. This will only be allowed once per service turn.

2. A net serve is legal.  

3. It is illegal to block or spike the serve. 

4. Each team has three hits to get the ball successfully over the net. A block does not count as the first hit.

5. If any part of the ball hits the line, it is considered to be in.


Play At The Net

1. A player shall not make contact with the net while the ball is in play.

2. A player’s foot or hand may touch across the centerline, as long as, part of the foot or hand is in contact with the centerline.

3. A ball may be played off the net as long as the team has a hit remaining.


Team Roster

1. Players must have their name listed on the teams roster form with the player’s signature in order to be eligible to play. Any team that plays with an ineligible player will forfeit the match.  Players must be at least 18 years old.  If there is a question of a players age, the player must show proof of age.  

2. The deadline for adding players to your roster is 60% into the regular season. 

3. There can be up to 12 players on your roster but no more than 12. The roster will be with the onsite supervisor.