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Adult Softball Bat Rule

Cañon City Area Recreation and Park District updated Adult Softball Bat Rules

The Canon City Area Recreation and Park District is making a change to the bat rules of the Adult Softball Leagues starting with Season I in 2015. We will be going to the 2004 ASA Bat Performance Standard. The 2004 bat standard has a maximum batted ball speed (BBS) limit of 98 mph. Bats which satisfy the ASA 2004 Bat Performance Standard current possess the 2004 or 2013 ASA certification mark. The bat stamps are shown below:
At the start of all games the bats will be placed along the fence for inspection by the umpires. If your bat has one of these two stamps you may use it in the game. Any bat not displaying one of the above stamps will not be allowed for use in any of the league games. Bats which display the 2000 ASA Stamp will also not eligible for use in any games. The types of eligible bats include single wall, multi wall, and composite bats. Titanium bats are not eligible for use. On April 11, 2014 ASA updated their non-approved bat list. There are 29 bats which currently have an ASA Certification Stamp, but have been ruled non-approved by ASA. These bats will not be eligible for use. They are:

Bass Quake Combat VIRSP3 Lady Virus
Easton SCX2 Synergy Easton SCX22 Synergy 2
Louisville Slugger FP136 Louisville Slugger FP1368
Louisville Slugger FP1369 Louisville Slugger FPC305 Catalyst (-8)
Louisville Slugger SB304 Louisville Slugger SB34 Genesis
Louisville Slugger SB404 Louisville Slugger SB73V TPS Voltage
Miken MSF Freak Miken MSU Ultra
Miken MSU2 Ultra II Miken MSUM Ultra Maxload
Nokona Tomahawk Schutt Red/Silver Schutt Bat
Worth EST9 Worth QESTFP
Worth SBWK(Wicked) Worth SBWKA
Worth WWSC Wicked Comp. (SP Only) Worth WWSCA
Worth XEST9X Worth XGold
Worth XPST4 Worth XRed
Worth XWICKX Wicked (SP Only)

***If an illegal bat is used at any time during the game, the offending team will forfeit the contest.***