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Project Components

Stadium Lights 
  • Replaced the light towers on Field B
  • Added a center field light tower on Field A
  • Replaced the lights fixtures on both fields
  • Included all new wiring
  • Benefits: Reduced energy use, reduced light spillage into the surrounding neighborhood; safer playing conditions
Court Lights 
  • Replaced light fixtures for the Pickleball and Basketball Courts
  • Benefits: Reduced energy use; improved playing conditions; lighting the playground
Field A Backstop 
  • Retrofitted the backstop on Field A to match that on Field B
  • Included a new concrete wall and fencing 
  • Added padding on concrete walls on both fields for safer play
  • Benefits: lengthens the life of the backstop; uniformity between the fields
Shade Shelter 
  • The District added a new small pavilion between the two fields near Park Ave.
  • Benefit: extra shelter for visitors to Rouse Park (the Recreation District's busiest park)
Covered Dugouts 
  • Recreation District staff  constructed covers for all four dugouts on Fields A & B
  • Benefits: shade and safety for participants using the fields
Shade Structures 
  • Shades structures were placed over two bleachers on Field B and four bleachers on Field A
  • Benefit: provides shade for spectators as they watch games at Rouse Park