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Youth Volleyball Middle School League Rules

Middle School League Volleyball Rules

A server is a Fault server only if:

  1.  The Player steps onto the court (the line being part of the court) before the ball is contacted.
  2.  The ball passes over or outside of the boundary antenna.
  3.  The ball strikes the antenna or the net at or outside of the antenna boundary.
  4. The ball strikes an overhead area deemed out of play.
  5.  The ball lands outside of the play area on the opposite court.


  1.  Rally scoring is to 25.  If a third game is needed we will play to 15.


  1.  match will be decided by best out of 3.  No matter what, play three games if time permits.

First Ball Contact:

  1.  Multple contacts are allowed on any first ball played into the opposing court provided:
    1.  The contacts are part of a single play on the ball.

EXAMPLE:  Ball is legally served and the receiving player attempts to overhand pass the ball.  In one motiion both hands are raised to meet the ball.  The ball contact first one hand and subsequently the other.  This is a legal play as the player made one motion.

EXAMPLE:  On an attack, a player attempts to dig the ball and the ball comes off the player's forearms at an angle and strikes the player's forehand.  This is a legal play unless the player deliberately attempts to move the ball with her hand.

EXAMPLE:  Player attempts to reach out and play the ball from an attack with one hand.  After playing the ball the player turns and the ball strikes her shoulder.  This play is illegal as the player made two distinct motions.