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Youth Volleyball Rules

Canon City Area  Recreation District

Current Youth Volleyball Rules and Regulations

  • Substitutions must be made in the middle back position only. Each player entering the court must fully rotate through the game rotation and be allowed to serve if game rotation proceeds to that extent. Substitutions are unlimited and will not be tracked by an official.
  • Coaches are expected to teach and self-enforce rotations rules.
  • The Elementary grade level will serve 20 feet from the center line. The Middle School Grade level will serve from regulation serving line.
  • A limit of 5 serves per player per time is enforced for the Elementary grade level.
  • Teams can play with a minimum of five players.
  • Player handling calls will be made at a level to permit volleys. Double hits, lifts, etc., calls will be made with the idea that this is a developmental league.
  • Participation: All players are required to play half the game. If a player repeatedly misses practices, this rule does not apply. However, this needs to be addressed beforehand with the parents.
  • Matches will consist of three games to 15 points each the Elementary grade level.
  • Middle school rules will apply in situations not addressed here. Rally scoring is used for the Middle School grade level only.